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HateML 2 coming soon (January 12th 2010)

You might not believe it, but HateML 2 is approching it's release soon. For details, please read the section on the left, or follow the forums. I invite you also to subscribe to the newsletter, in order to be informed on releases (see left).

HateML 2 - announcement (May 13th 2009)

It has been a long time, again ... You may believe me or not, but HateML 2 is not dead yet. And, hopefully, won't be. This time I'm explaining more on the Discussion Forum.
Best regards, Michal.

HateML Development progress (May 1st, 2008)

Probably some of you were wondering if HateML is dead or alive. I would like to announce the development of HateML 2 - completly new, rewritten HateML. The progress of development goes very slowly, due to lack of time - this unfortunately means probably the end of HateML 1.* line, as I can't manage to continue development of two apps. I decided rather to focus on HateML 2, which - I hope - will be free of all the annoying bugs you've reported in HateML 1, yet it will contain most of the functions from the "old" HateML.

Currently HateML 2 is mostly at the stage of planning, actually only the core is implemented. I'm working on architecture & implementation of SDK - so, if you have any idea feel free to contact me by the forums or 'Contact'!

As soon as I finish the early but stable SDK version, I'll consider hiring somebody to help me porting the features of 1.1 to 2.0
 Michal Gajek

HateML 1.1 released (March 19th, 2007)

I am pleased to announce that HateML 1.1 was released today.
If you have HateML already installed, use Update Wizard ("Tools - Update Wizard"). If not, download it now!


Welcome to Migajek Software - the home of HateML - PHP Integrated Development Environment with support for XHTML and CSS.

HateML 2 Development News

HateML Pro 2 development is still in progress. It becomes more and more usable, thus it'll be time to publish first beta soon ... As I'm not able to give any exact (or even estimated) date, I recommend you to subscribe to the newsletter. This way you'll be informed about alpha / beta releases, and of course - about the final release.
For those who have some time, I still recommend following forums! :)