About me

Hi, my name is Michal Gajek and I am a software developer based in Gdynia, Poland.
I have over 9 years of experience in software development, mainly web and desktop applications.
I'm final year student, MSc in IT course at Gdansk University of Technology.

Below, you will find the skills I'm offering and the list of most important projects I've developed or been working on.

Under construction

This website is still unfinished and under construction!

My skills

Frameworks, technologies and software I'm working and familiar with


  • C# + ServiceStack, ASP.NET, (Fluent)NHibernate, AutoMapper
  • Python + Django
  • PHP + Yii
  • nginx, php-fpm


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • MongoDB

Web front-end

  • HTML5, XHTML 4
  • CSS 3/2, Bootstrap
  • Less
  • Angular.js + UI.Router
  • jQuery, jQuery UI


  • C#, WinForms / WPF
  • Delphi (ObjectPascal)
  • C++


  • Mercurial (HG)
  • Git
  • Subversion


Web apps


Collects real-time meteorogical reports from public sources. Processes them and exports to the format of user's choice. Includes alert system via email and SMS messages

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, jQuery
*** Scrapper

Continously collects advertisements meeting specific criteria, scrapping them from one of the most popular polish online auction websites

ServiceStack, NHibernate, Angular.js, Bootstrap
Wiatrometr.pl / Wind2Measure.com

PHP, Yii, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL
Airplane booking

Airplane booking system

PHP, SQLite, jQuery

Facebook campaign manager, for auto-publishing of specific materials at specific time

C#, SQLite, Angular.js
W2M Logger demo

In-browser application which handles incoming weather readings sent by Wind2Measure GPRS logger and presents it real-time on the charts & gauges

ServiceStack, C#, Mono

Desktop apps

intelligent house

Home automation control application, includes control over lighting, blinds, windows opening and closing using touch screen built into living room wall

Delphi, OPC
Cheap flights

Tray notifications about cheap flight offers, offered by contracting airlines - CentralWings

Odbitki zdjęć

Narzędzie do wysyłania zamówień na wykonanie odbitek wskazanych zdjęć w drukarni Zamawiającego



Most are simple webpages built upon custom cms

Wykonana na zamówienie Wydziałowej Rady Studentów ETI PG

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Yii

Zbiór zabawnych obrazków, na zamówienie klienta

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Yii
PHU Sober

Wizytówka i katalog importera okularów przeciwsłonecznych PHU Sober

Cytawa Cafe

Wizytówka i galeria lokalu Cytawa Cafe

PHP, MySQL, Yii, jQuery
Sklep VisionOptyk

Sklep Internetowy trójmiejskiej sieci salonów optycznych VisionOptyk

PHP, MySQL, Yii, jQuery

Strona internetowa firmy Telico

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Yii
Szkoła językowa GoGlobal

Dwujęzyczna strona szkoły językowej GoGlobal

PHP, MySQL, Yii, jQuery
PoleDance Academy

Strona i galeria zdjęć PoleDance Academy

PHP, MySQL, Yii, jQuery

Strona firmy Bartman

PHP, SQLite, Yii

Strona firmy ASM Sp. J.

PHP, SQLite, Yii